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             The internet medical network has been designed at the Faculty of Physics, A.Mickiewicz University by Prof. Ryszard Krzyminiewski, head of the Medical Physics Laboratory, and is at present realised in cooperation of this Faculty of Physics and the Diagnostic and Analytical Methods Centre of the AMU Foundation, in a few medical centres in Poland.
       The main goal of implementation of the telemedical network MONTE is to establish connections between individual patients and a leading doctor or a doctor currently on duty or an expert centre to monitor the current state of patient's health and to transmit the telemetry data from diagnostic equipment to obtain in-depth analysis using specialized and unique techniques.

Through the telemedicine network MONTE, we offer you the possibility :

  • of obtaining an advanced pulse wave analysis,
  • to examine the heart by NURSE-ECG method and
  • on-line consultation with doctors


    High Signal Resolution Pulse Wave (HSR-PW) analysis is an innovative diagnostic tool used for home care telemonitoring patients. This method (HSR-PW) is based on a special computer program, which increases the resolution of the pulse wave signal and sets the parameter values that inform about the state of the circulatory system. The resolution of pulse wave signal is enhanced by special software using the method of linear transformation based on Fourier analysis and deconvolution of original pulse wave. Thanks to this method, it becomes possible to show the details of the pulse wave, which are invisible in standard record. Based on the analysis of individual peaks, computer calculates values of some parameters defining the state of the cardiovascular system.
    The pulse wave is recorded using a standard wireless electronic pulsoximeter (in Fig. above).

    How to use the advanced pulse wave analysis via Internet?

    In order to perform pulse wave analysis you should:

  • own an electronic pulsoximeter with connection to a PC (www.facelake.com/cms50e.html)
  • have internet access
  • download and install the PULSOKSYMETR HSR software
  • start up the PULSOKSYMETR HSR software, record a pulse wave and send for analysis

  • More information about HSR-PW...

         High-resolution electrocardiography (NURSE-ECG) is a new method of cardiological diagnosis developed by Professor Ryszard Krzyminiewski (Medical Physics Division, Institute of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland) . The method is based on digital electrocardiography and permits a numerical enhancement of the ECG signal resolution, leading to a significant extension of the diagnostic possibilities of the standard electrocardiogram.
    The method allows detection of relatively small changes in the electric activity of individual fragments of the cardiac muscle caused by e.g. ischaemia, the effect of a drug, rehabilitation of infarct, undetectable by the standard electrocardiograph.
          The results of the NURSE-ECG analysis are displayed on a histogram and in a table with data on electric activities of particular fragments of the cardiac muscle, accompanied by the information on the process of depolarisation and malfunctioning areas in the cardiac muscle. An exemplary result is given below:

    Detail information on the method are given on the website NURSE-ECG

    A patient who has a webcam and microphone can connect with your doctor via the Internet in MONTE system and take his advice.
    Currently, it is possible to take advice from physicians and get information about medical telemonitoring from a scientific consultant durring the hours of duty (without registration and free of charge).

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